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About the Masgutova Foundation

Updated: Feb 26, 2021

Since 1989, MNRI® / The Masgutova Method has changed the neurodelopment, neuroplasticity, trauma recovery, stress resilience, and immune health through MNRI®

neurosensorimotor reflex integration techniques, exercises and programs developed by Dr. Masgutova, her late, son, Denis.

The results of her evidence-based, research-driven method are life-changing, supported by extensive data showing positive neuromodulation changes among individuals with challenges in learning and development. The organization has conducted nearly 170 MNRI® Conferences, and currently has about 333 Cores-in-Training, 145 Core Specialists, and 47 instructors worldwide. The last three years in particular have seen a significant expansion in our services and geographic outreach, thanks to the efforts of our amazing team of professionals!

Dr. Masgutova also pioneered the creation of a not-for-profit organization that was intended to serve those in need, provide advanced education (master’s degree and PhD level) in neurodevelopment and NeuroReflex Integration, and to support ongoing objective brain or neurophysiological research.

We are very happy to announce these dreams are coming to fruition! As such, we are in the process of relaunching The Masgutova Foundation, which will have the goal and vision to bring Dr. Masgutova’s and Denis' vision to life, and to create an organization whose mission and vision are both different and separate from that of SMEI — to help others and expand the knowledge of MNRI® in the world!

There has already been a great deal of activity surrounding this new venture - planning, board recruitment, and even substantial fundraising for some key projects. One very important achievement of The Foundation happened back on September 29th, with the provisional licensure of The Masgutova Graduate School of Neurodevelopmental Sciences, a subsidiary of The Foundation receiving its provisional license from the Florida Department of Education!

Under the independent leadership and management of The Foundation by the newly elected Board of Directors, there is a renewed enthusiasm and confidence to accomplish the many goals and the vision to help others and expand the knowledge of MNRI® in the world.

Dr. Masgutova and Pamela Curlee will remain with The Foundation. They have both been appointed as Emeritus Board Members (permanent), and will be the combined institutional voice for the newly elected board to consider. My own role has changed to that as an advisor and resource to The Foundation board at the designation of Dr. Masgutova and Ms. Curlee. It is through this distribution and collaboration that we are so very excited for the road ahead.

Please do join me in welcoming the new Board of Directors.

We wish them all the best of luck and success in this new, compassionate, innovative endeavor! If you have any questions for SMEI leadership, please feel free to contact me at any time using the information below.

Sincerest regards to you all!

Aaron J. Warren

Chief Operating Office

Svetlana Masgutova Educational Institute (SMEI)

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