• Kathy Carr

Physiological Markers and Reflex Pattern Progression in Individuals with Neurodevelopmental Deficits

Updated: Dec 15, 2020

This independent/external study investigates the impact of the MNRI Reflex Integration Method on the respiratory, cardiovascular, digestive and nervous systems of 310 individuals with neurodevelopmental deficits such as cerebral palsy, seizures, traumatic and acute brain injury, ADD/ADHD, autism spectrum disorders, anxiety, post-trauma and post-traumatic stress disorders. The investigators measured the physiological markers before and after an 8-day intensive training using the MNRI method for neuromodulation. The study revealed that 53% of physiological markers and 67% of reflex patterns on the pre-test demonstrated to be poorly functioning, and both evaluation results showed statistically significant improvements after the MNRI intervention. This study is published Neuroscience and Medicine.

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