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Strategic Goals


The Masgutova Foundation facilitates NeuroReflex Integration strategies that enhance functions and mechanisms of nervous system development, immunity, healthy functioning, stress resilience, and overall well-being through:

  + Scholarships

  + Outreach Programs

  + Advocation for

      increased world-wide


      integration awareness


We advance interdisciplinary scientific knowledge in NeuroReflex Integration, Neurodevelopment, and Neuromodulation services through:

  + Masgutova Graduate


  + Continuing Education

Doctor Examining CT Scan

We create a framework to champion professionals of complementary disciplines in effective neurodevelopment and neuromodulation methods and techniques for both treatment and prevention, oriented away from symptom targeting and focused on root cause solutions through:

  + Masgutova Graduate


  + Continuing Education

MGS Building.jpg

The Foundation promotes strong professional relationships with organization and individuals who have experienced or have knowledge related to maximizing the genetically given potential of all individuals through NeuroReflex Integration strategies and techniques with a focus on:

  + Impacts of diagnosis-

       specific outcomes

  + Identifying and engaging

       people, businesses, 

       and educational 


       who share our passion for

       optimizing human


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