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Meet Emma Grace


Emma Grace is a funny, sweet and sassy 7-year-old who has cerebral palsy. Dr. Masgutova’s method of NeuroReflex Integration has added so much to her life and our family’s life. We are forever grateful to Dr. Masgutova and the amazing specialists we have worked with over the years to help our precious Emma Grace continue to make progress. 

We began our journey with NeuroReflex Integration in February 2018. We came to a family clinic for our first experience, and we were hooked. At this time, non-integrated reflexes were explained to us and what issues these reflexes were

causing for Emma.

We really liked that exercises were being given to address those specific non-integrated reflexes. Most importantly, Emma really enjoyed being on the table and receiving the work. Her body needed and craved the input. 


After we left that conference, we decided we would focus on doing as much of Dr. Masgutova’s method of NeuroReflex Integration as we could. We worked at home, with amazing core specialists, and participated in family conferences. 

As we continued to do Dr. Masgutova’s method of NeuroReflex Integration, it became apparent Emma’s body was making positive changes. She was using her hands more functionally, using her vision more to focus on completing tasks, her startle reflex was decreasing, she began eating almost all her calories by mouth, her cognitive skills began to increase, communication skills were more intentional, and she overall is a happier little girl. 


Emma’s therapists started noticing changes in her body and were excited to see her do more activities in therapy sessions. Dr. Masgutova’s method of NeuroReflex Integration was the foundation she needed to help her body and brain improve in all of her other therapies. NeuroReflex Integration definitely has helped Emma feel more comfortable in her skin and body. 

As a family, we are so grateful to have found Dr. Masgutova’s method of NeuroReflex Integration and are so thankful it has given Emma a much fuller and content life. 

Emma’s journey in life has been filled with highs and lows, and we feel NeuroReflex Integration has given Emma many high moments.  We are excited to see what else the method will do for her over the years. We feel blessed to have found Dr. Masgutova’s method of NeuroReflex Integration and our hope is that many children and families can be helped as much as it has helped Emma Grace. 

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