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Our Mission

Our Vision & Mission

It is our vision to advance the best practices of NeuroReflex Integration, Neurodevelopment knowledge, and Neuromodulation, fostering the full development of human potential worldwide.

We are a not-for-profit whose vision is to advance knowledge, scientific research, and awareness and support of neuroreflex integration and neurodevelopment. 


Our Program Pillars

Research: The Masgutova Foundation's Scientific Research arm aims to enhance worldwide recognition, support, advancement, and application of research and best practices related to the Masgutova NeuroReflex Integration Method by medical, mental health and wellness fields, educational institutions, government entities, foundations, and the general public.

Education: The not-for-profit Masgutova Graduate School of NeuroDevelopmental Sciences offers an online Master of Science in Neurodevelopmental Sciences.

Community Awareness and Support: Please join us for our World Education Center for the Advancement of Neurodevelopment (WECAN) online programs!

Kids in Preschool
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