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Seeking Support for
Health and Well-Being

Early Intervention


In babies born neuro-typical with no expressed underlying concerns or health conditions, early intervention with NeuroReflex Integration facilitates the neurophysiologically sensitive timeframe of reflex emergence and integration and maturity. NeuroReflex Integration eases the transition phase from aqua-uterine reflexes to the ground reflexes, strengthening the nervous system and providing a solid foundation for continued neurodevelopment. Based on her expensive research and the consultation with medical professionals, Dr. Masgutova proposes that 95% of babies need early intervention, underscoring the significance of the NeuroReflex Integration application beginning on day one of life. 

All Ages


NeuroReflex Integration supports the nervous system's integrity, neuroplasticity, stress resilience, and immunity — all elements of daily health and well-being. NeuroReflex Integration exercises (our weekly exercises are conducted each Thursday!) support our genetically given reflex patterns that support positive protection and survival on a neurophysiological level. Performing these exercises daily can improve immune function, stress level regulation, breathing, sleeping, managing work-life integration/multi-tasking, and an overall positive state of mind.  

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