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What is NeuroReflex Integration?

NeuroReflex Integration supports brain development (neurodevelopment) and neuroplasticity developing stress resilience and strengthening both the nervous and immune systems.  Specific patterned exercises of the body create an exchange of unsupportive sensory-motor anchors with positive associations, reducing reactive responses caused by hyperactive pattern connections between the body and brain. This allows the body to release negative protection and cultivate positive protection.

These enhanced NeuroReflexes achieved through Dr. Svetlana's method of neurodevelopment strategies foster neuromodulation, positively impacting the ease with which we move through the world. 



Strategic Goals

I originally treated symptoms and put out fires.  NeuroReflex Integration allows me to get to the root of my patients' issues and resolve them.

- Betsy Howell, PT

We Need Your Support Today!

Masgutova Foundation

We encourage acknowledging a reflex as a crucial phenomenon of the central nervous system, which fulfills the body’s survival task regardless of the age of the person or the development level of executive cortical functions.

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